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Cottage of the Month

Hi friends, Thanks for gathering here with me one last time. This is the FINAL Cottage of the Month feature. Yes, the Archives will stay up here for a while, so no need to worry. I want to thank all of you for an amazing 10 years. I couldn't have done any of this without you. Wishing love, peace, and most of all, compassion for all.

 photo 1_zpsbwdzhcy0.jpg

This month we are visiting Jennifer's wonderful rustic and cozy home in Ventura County, California...

 photo 2_zpsayjnbqlw.jpg

 photo 3_zpsb7phzszi.jpg

 photo 4_zpsm0i455n4.jpg

 photo 5_zpsze6gncro.jpg

 photo 6_zpswzjllkch.jpg

 photo 7_zps50xcbs7u.jpg

 photo 8_zpsizhilszs.jpg

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 photo 10_zpsalxwot0w.jpg

 photo 12_zps4lwwuo0h.jpg

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 photo 15_zpsap8jats2.jpg

 photo 16_zpsplm8uwtx.jpg

 photo 17_zpsujeutsp7.jpg

 photo 18_zpsqu88t4y6.jpg

 photo 19_zpsvnn0dhn1.jpg

 photo 20_zpsfojy6jvk.jpg

 photo 21_zpsjhst5wxh.jpg

 photo 22_zpsw9wucwit.jpg

 photo 23_zpszjqoftsw.jpg

 photo 25_zpsvxp17y16.jpg

 photo 27_zpslus9tzhr.jpg

 photo 28_zps4aoptwi7.jpg

 photo 29_zpsf0cf1s5t.jpg

 photo 30_zpsva4wwt5c.jpg

 photo 31_zpsfjbllfc3.jpg

 photo 32_zpsxbrjvnna.jpg

 photo 33_zpss0iyfb0b.jpg

 photo 34_zpsm9vmw3da.jpg

 photo 35_zpsv6md8q8d.jpg

 photo 36_zpsea4cpwz7.jpg

 photo 37_zpskv8lfdfk.jpg

 photo 38_zpsqo7gwvwp.jpg

 photo 39_zpsdtnfrciy.jpg

Where is your home located, and how long have you lived there?

Ventura County, California

What is your favorite decorating style?

I feel I have made my own personal mesh of styles to suite what we feel the most comfortable with at home. I've gathered things from all different eras and many different countries. I never know what to call it!

Where do you get your decorating influence from the most?

Things that are made by hardworking, creative hands and elements of nature. I also love to peruse older decorating books, it's always interesting to see elements that remain timeless and not so trendy.

In 5 words or less, your home is?

Comfortable and different than most

What is your favorite store or flea market to shop at?

Well of course it's Hoot n' Anny Home! haha! But really Aubergine emporium and Long Beach Flea market have always been local favorites for fantastic pieces

Share one of your favorite decorating tricks or ideas:

I love to make lighting, or to create what I can't find.

Your favorite paint color, name and brand:

I chose simple base paint with no added color, I found it to be the the crispest white not taking on any competing nearby hues

What are your favorite things to collect right now?

Pottery and textiles all the time

What is your favorite room in your house, and why?

Our great room, it has an energy about it all its own

Your next project is:

Never ending! Bathroom with skylights and an entire guest house.

If you have an online or retail store, please provide the url and physical location so that my viewers can check it out:


Brick and mortar:
oot n' Anny Home
31149 Via Colinas # 610 Westlake Village, Ca 91362

Aubergine emporium (dealer) 4385 Valley Fair Street Simi Valley, Ca 93063

(Photography courtesy of Jennifer Grey)

Goodbye my friends! Thanks again for keeping me company these last 10 years.