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Cottage of the Month - October 2015

Dear readers,

We are sorry to announce Cottage of the Month is coming to a close, with December 2015 being the final feature. Please be sure to read this important page. It will answer any questions you may have.

Welcome, October! This month we are visiting Sonnie's charming home...

 photo 1_zpsll4a1kwj.jpg

 photo 2_zpsyaatpw0z.jpg

 photo 3_zpsspnwwdzy.jpg

 photo 5_zpswdvklqah.jpg

 photo 6_zpslqfsmkve.jpg

 photo 8_zpsxeqf6pxb.jpg

 photo 9_zpsy02jkecf.jpg

 photo 10_zpsetsdezoh.jpg

 photo 11_zpsg5i9gfjj.jpg

 photo 13_zpsjyetuo7a.jpg

 photo 14_zpsmneef5jo.jpg

 photo 15_zps7gxhknjs.jpg

 photo 17_zpsvdiqwlys.jpg

 photo 18_zps9qchbhlq.jpg

 photo 19_zpswv4gbzmb.jpg

 photo 20_zpscqnpgedh.jpg

 photo 21_zpsq3qesfyu.jpg

 photo 25_zpsp2vyggaz.jpg

 photo 26_zpsaisokidv.jpg

 photo 27_zpsohbbyjxl.jpg

 photo 29_zpspopdfufz.jpg

 photo 30_zps1jkgq9v2.jpg

 photo 31_zpsfczcqwgp.jpg

 photo 32_zpsznkug9bw.jpg

 photo 33_zpsvwdepiqu.jpg

 photo 34_zpspaejgo8n.jpg

 photo 35_zpsfsrcbt7d.jpg

 photo 36_zps90uotngl.jpg

 photo 37_zpsyijgm8gk.jpg

 photo 38_zpslbic99k3.jpg

 photo 39_zpsoje5lxoj.jpg

 photo 40_zpsxwqsxbtm.jpg

 photo 41_zpsjgs0l9f6.jpg

 photo 42_zpsl4vxvlfh.jpg

 photo 43_zps10nfxeg1.jpg

 photo 44_zps6ihnvs5k.jpg

 photo 45_zpsjuqd4mdk.jpg

 photo 46_zpsyaix75mo.jpg

 photo 47_zpssy9r3vgt.jpg

 photo 48_zpsvvmc4kcv.jpg

 photo 49_zpshtv7c9vh.jpg

 photo 50_zps3t8igbgv.jpg

 photo 51_zpsy3kwrvsj.jpg

 photo 52_zps1hrgfn4g.jpg

 photo 53_zpsxhtkgcui.jpg

 photo 55_zpsyvut9bnm.jpg

 photo 56_zpsi8uwgxe1.jpg

 photo cotm pic_zpsobtmdejf.jpg

Where is your home located, and how long have you lived there?

Fort Myers, Florida. We relocated from Southern California two years ago.

What is your favorite decorating style?

A mix of anything that catches my eye - new or old. My style evolves all of the time.

Where do you get your decorating influence from the most?

All sources - magazines, Pinterest, TV

In 5 words or less, your home is?

Comfort, happy, security, family, and love

What is your favorite store or flea market to shop at?

I thought leaving Southern California's Rosebowl Flea Market would be harder than it was, but there are some great flea markets on this side of the country. 

Share one of your favorite decorating tricks or ideas:

Repurposing items - like the old laundry basket, turned upside down, that is now a chandelier in the living room.

Your favorite paint color, name and brand:

Hazelnut Cream - Behr

What are your favorite things to collect right now?

I don't really collect anything. I have been adding the color black more to the house, my eyesight drawn to anything black. 

What is your favorite room in your house, and why?

Our living room because it is the center of our home, where everyone gathers.

Your next project is:

Haha - I have changed so many things already since these photos were taken. I am constantly changing, adding or painting. I just completed my husbands office (not shown) in darker hues and a mix of vintage framed targets, metal, wood and industrial. The next project is our bathroom, I want to get rid of all of the dark cabinets. 

(Photos provided by homeowner)