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Cottage of the Month December 2010

Happy Holidays! This month we're visiting Carol's 1865 farmhouse in Kansas City Missouri...

Where is your home located, and how long have you lived there?

A suburb of Kansas City Missouri. We moved into our circa 1865 farmhouse last May.
What is your favorite decorating style?

Casual and fresh farmhouse style with a little industrial romance added in. Even though I use a basic no color palette for the backdrop in my farmhouse, I layer in lots of texture with muted vintage elements and archetexural salvage pieces for interest. For the last 25 plus years I have been a collector of "honest paint" and prefer to use finds in as found condition that tell a story.
Where do you get your decorating influence from the most?

My vintage hunts provide lots of influence on how I decorate.
In 5 words or less, your home is?

Calm, comfort, fresh, natural, serene
What is your favorite store or flea market to shop at?

I actually love to hit farm auctions for incredible finds and of course my friend Deb's store Curious Sofa is always inspirational.

Share one of your favorite decorating tricks or ideas:

For a Holiday table try using old silvered mirrors (without the frames) as chargers under your dinner plates. Add candlelight and the reflection from the mirrors is magical. Try using those vintage finds in unexpected ways for a new decorating twist.
Your favorite paint color, name and brand:
Honeywind by California Paints~ a great cream shade with a slight hint of gray which is a perfect contrast with all the white molding I have in the farmhouse.
What are your favorite things to collect right now?

Anything unique and unusual that I can use for decorative purposes is always on my list.

What is your favorite room in your house, and why?

It would have to be my kitchen because it reminds me of my childhood farm home in Arkansas. I love standing in front of the big farm sink and look out the windows each morning while drinking my coffee.
Your next project is:
I am collaborating on a new project that I hope to announce more about in the next few months.

If you sell online or have a blog, please provide the url(s) so that my viewers can check it out:
(photographs provided by homeowner)