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Cottage of the Month April 2014

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Happy April, friends!

This month we're touring Donna's peaceful home in Chatsworth, California...

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 photo donna_zpsf332ecfd.jpg

Where is your home located, and how long have you lived there?

Chatsworth, California. I've lived in my house 43 years.

What is your favorite decorating style?

French/Nordic and Shabby Chic

Where do you get your decorating influence from the most?

Magazines, decorating books and friends.

In 5 words or less, your home is?

Light, peaceful, and just ME!

What is your favorite store or flea market to shop at?

The Little French Flea Market in Tarzana, Shop Around the Corner and Aubergine in Simi Valley.

Share one of your favorite decorating tricks or ideas:

I use a lot of white paint and flowers!

Your favorite paint color, name and brand:

Cottage White - Dunn and Edwards

What are your favorite things to collect right now?

Garden statues, hearts, old windows and lanterns

What is your favorite room in your house, and why?

My Guest Bathroom. It's very French!

Your next project is:

Making different rooms in my backyard!

(photography by Jennifer Grey)