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The Living Room

(FAQ's below) 

Frequently Asked Dining Room Questions:
Q: How long have you been in this house?
A: A little over 2 years. We bought this home July 2008.
Q: Why do you refer to your home as Cottage8?
A: We bid on and lost out on 7 homes prior to this one. This was the 8th house we bid on and finally got.
Q: What paint colors did you use in this room?
A: The walls are Ralph Lauren's "Canvas Natural", and the fireplace, hearth, and ceilings are Behr's "Seaside Sand".
Q: What kind of flooring did you have installed? Is it hardwood? And did you install it yourselves?
A: Far from hardwood, it's actually vinyl! Made by Allure, this flooring comes in long planks, much like hardwood. It was so easy to install, my husband laid the living room, dining room, kitchen and hallway in about 2 days. I supervised. The pattern we have is called "Country Pine".
Q: Are you still happy with your flooring?
A: I get this question at least once a week, kid you not. We love our flooring so much, we would make the exact same choice again and again. It's waterproof, it was super easy to install, and it looks gorgeous in our home.
Q: Okay it's been two years now. Tell me, how is your floor really holding up? I noticed you have two cats.
A: Not only do we have two cats, but we are super busy people and put this floor to the foot traffic test on a daily basis. Because of my business, I'm dragging stuff in and out of the door on a daily basis. This flooring is tuff stuff!
Q: That's a very unique coffee table you have, where did you find it?
A: It's an industrial factory cart, purchased from ZGallerie. Word has it these were originally used in large wherehouses for transporting large cargo across factory floors.
Q: Is that coffee table actually practical? I'm afraid I'd trip over the wheels or my children could roll it across my floor.
A: We love coffee tables we can kick up our feet upon or place drinks on. Since the wheels run parallel with the sides of the table and don't turn out, there's nothing sticking out to trip on. And since this table's about 300 lbs, I'd be scared to meet the kid that can push this thing around.
Q: I love your new white upholstered chairs, where did you find them?
A: We bought our custom made Sullivan Chairs from The Sofa Guy in Westlake Village. The owners name is Paul, and he's great to work with. If you're in Southern California, I highly recommend looking him up.
Q: I like the black painted accents, such as your front door and small cabinet in your entry. What paint brand did you use?
A: That's Ralph Lauren's "Black Truffles". It's the perfect smokey, smouldering charcoal black shade.
Q: Where did you find that great big mirror? And what size is it?
A: We found it at Home Goods, and it measures 7ft x 5ft. I used a varathane gel stain to make the frame look like wood. (It's actually plastic, and was originally white!)
Q: Where did you purchase your curtains?
A: Bed Bath & Beyond. I can't remember the name of the manufacturer, sorry.
Q: Where did you find your white slipcovered sofa?
A: I actually found it through a friend of a friend. I'm not sure where it was purchased from originally, but it came with the slipcover already on it.
Q: Where did you get your medic cross pillows
A: My friend Laurie who sells them on Etsy under the name: lblaswich 
Q: Where did you get the two wall signs hanging on each side of your sofa?
A: The sign on the right is from an actual business, believed to be from an old bed and breakfast in Ventura. The sign on the left came from Target!