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Cottage8: Our Dining Room



Frequently Asked Dining Room Questions...
Q: What inspired your design for your dining room?
A: It was a combination of two things, actually. I had consulted with my friend Layla at The Lettered Cottage, and she helped me come up with the idea of wrapping the room in beadboard to visually balance the weight from the kitchen on the other side of the room, the dining room. And the two white floating shelves were inspired by the large plate hutch seen in the movie "Something's Gotta Give".
Q: What color did you paint your beadboard paneling?
A: Behr's "Seaside Sand"
Q: What color did you paint above your beadboard paneling?
A: Ralph Lauren's "Canvas Natural"
Q: Where did you get those two white floating shelves on the back wall of your dining room?
A: I had them custom built for our space. They are each 8 ft long.
Q: What are those white floating shelves comprised of?
A: They are a combination of plywood, 2 x 4's and extra chunky moulding.
Q: How are your white floating shelves supported, they look so heavy.
A: They are partially supported by corbels underneath (purchased at Home Depot) but the majority of the weight is supported by numerous "L" brackets all along the back of the shelves.
Q: What color did you paint your white shelves?
A: Same as the beadboard, Behr's "Seaside Sand"
Q: How did you get that huge sideboard, also known as a "fisherman's table" (beneath the white floating shelves) into your house?
A: My husband and I built the sideboard ourselves. We began construction outside on our patio, then brought it into our dining room for completion.
Q: What size is your large sideboard (fisherman's table)?
A: 11 ft wide x 22" deep x 34" tall (same height as our dining table)
Q: What is the measurement of your white floating shelves?
A: 8 ft wide x 15" deep. They hang approx 21" from the ceiling and 41" from the ceiling. Our ceilings are 8 ft tall.
Q: How did you get that finish on your sideboard?
A: The top we used Varathane Gel Stain, and the base we used a glaze (unsure of product name, sorry)
Q: Where did you purchase your farm table and chairs?
A: The table was purchased at an antique store in Agoura, CA. The chairs were a flea market find.
Q: Did you make your curtains, and what material are they made from?
A: I made my curtains from yards of burlap material (from JoAnn's Fabrics) and simply used metal drapery clips to hang them. I don't sew, so I simply used a hot glue gun to finish off my edges.
Q: What about the curtain that hangs over your kitchen sink?
A: Also made of burlap, it's simply burlap and grosgrain ribbon.
Q: Where did you find your chandelier?
A: Yard sale, of all places!