Citrus summer, honey bee photo-bomb, and fortune telling

I hope you’ll forgive my absence. It’s been a good round of push and pull figuring out all the shiny new bells and whistles here on my new WordPress blog. Turns out the two blog posts I recently posted: a) failed to launch and b) when they did launch, to the best of my knowledge nobody saw them. Except for me of course. Sigh.  With the help of my amazing web designer, I think we’ve finally got this thing down, fingers crossed. Maybe you can let me know in the comments section if you came here today from a notification in your inbox, notifying you that I had a new post on my blog (insert huge hug of gratitude from me here).


Did I ever tell you we planted two lemon trees and a single lime tree in our garden last year? Who ever knew a couple fruit trees could bring such joy into our lives. Every morning Adam and I take turns going out into the garden to pick fresh lemons for our daily green smoothies and limes for our salads. I love how when you pluck them off the branch, they release a strong citrus scent that makes it feel like you’re holding summertime in your hands. I tell myself each morning, this must be what heaven smells like.

One morning, I decided to bring my camera to capture some beautiful citrus floral blooms, and to my surprise, a little honey bee decided to pay one of our citrus trees a visit. I snapped the button at precisely the right moment and captured this little guy, swooping in for a friendly visit. I promise this image is NOT photo-shopped.

Can you spot the bee?

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d get photo-bombed by a honey bee!


So there’s this little Vietnamese soup place we like to frequent in Camarillo, called Love Pho n More. For those that don’t know, Pho is a Vietnamese soup consisting of broth, linguine-shaped rice noodles, tofu, fresh veggies, bean sprouts and similar ingredients depending where you are. It is a hearty meal, yet leaves you feeling incredibly light and nourished.

Anyways, after our meal we broke open our fortune cookies. Here’s what mine said…


It speaks directly to the antique dealer/treasure finder in me. It’s fun to think how it also applies to my interior design work. Folks hire me to help them discover the treasures in their homes they cannot see. I love looking for the beauty in the every day.

Next, Adam cracked open his fortune cookie and here’s what his said…


We found this fun and ironic, as he just started up his own business at the beginning of this year, and it’s been a gradual pull forward towards finding his own pace of meaningful success. 

Here’s to never giving up, handfuls of summer, and insightful desserts  ; ) Have a great week my friend! 


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8 Responses to Citrus summer, honey bee photo-bomb, and fortune telling

  1. ladygraystone says:

    The eagle has landed! Just to let you know that your post came thru and it was fresh and inspiring. Love to see the bees.

  2. Working here and what a great post. We love bees and will have hives very soon.

  3. Cindy says:

    Hi, I received the blog via email.
    Thanks so much

  4. Jones says:

    Post came through via email. Photos look great! I have a Meyer lemon tree on my back porch here in Central Texas and adore the fruit! I love your great artistic eye and the posts your create. I especially a fan of your Cottage of the Month. Thanks!

  5. Rachel says:

    Your post came through in my inbox.

  6. Jennifer, your blog looks great! I’m still on blogger and am afraid to make any changes for the same reasons you had.

    Great BEE capture! So happy that you and Adam are doing so well on your diet changes. And we love PHO, too. Spen’s girlfriend is Vietnamese and she turned us onto the it. We also love the Bun-Thit-Nuong. A cold noodle salad. Your PHO place most likely has it on their menu…most do.

    I’m so enjoying the COTMs!!! The past few I have revisited many times and LOVE them. Such inspiration not only in their collections, but how they arrange their things once in place in their home. I get a lot of ideas for the the shop vignettes, too. This month’s has such a way of arranging her treasures. What a change from 2006! I had to laugh because I still collect floral paintings and her home – back then – and her collection of them prompted me to start my own wee collection.

    Happy Summer dear girl!

    Much love and wishes for awesome success to you and Adam.



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