Blogging on WordPress and Working it out

Guess what, I just made the move from Blogger to WordPress, and my computer didn’t blow up into a million pieces. (the scenario that played through my head a hundred times whilst contemplating making this move.) Hopefully everything went smooth on your end too. You should have been automatically redirected to and viewing this post on WordPress, and no longer on Blogger, fingers crossed! I still have some tweaking to do on the side bar and within the posts. I hope you’ll excuse the mess.
In case you missed it, yesterday was May 1st, which means new Cottage of the Month! This one’s one of my favorites! Click the picture to go there : )
In part of the transition from Blogger to WordPress, it appears my “Behind the Scenes of our Office Closet Makeover” post didn’t make it over here, so I’m post it again. And if you’ve already seen it, I apologize in advance for the duplication.
Thanks for all the super friendly and encouraging comments we received on our remodel. We had so much fun with it. 
One question I got the most, “how did you do the wood wall?”
One person even thought it was driftwood! 
Guess what!

It’s NOT wood. It’s plastic coated fabric, from IKEA…      
 SOLFINT Tablecloth - IKEA
Did your jaw just drop, kinda like mine did when Adam and I were at IKEA and they had a strip of this fabric hanging against the back wall, and I said to him “whoa, are they selling wood pallets now?”

I love IKEA so hard.

For the closet, we bought 3 yards of the fabric, and ended up with just a small scrap left over. I simply used push pins on the upper corners and used a leveler to make sure my “wood lines” were straight…

photo 1

For the following step, I used a can of spray adhesive. In this case I used Elmer’s Spray Adhesive.

Good to know: Make sure you only spray small 10-12” sections on your wall at a time. Adhesive stays tacky for several seconds, allowing a tiny bit of wiggling room. I simply used my hand to smooth out any immediate wrinkles or bubbles. This part of the project can’t be rushed. Take your time and trust the process, going section by small section.

Take my advice: Do not spray the back of the fabric directly. The adhesive will bleed through to the front and run down the length of your fabric and then you will have to sand the fabric and then you might cry to your husband and then your husband might have to drive back to IKEA.

photo 3 (2)

Once I finished adhering the fabric to our closet wall, we were left with a 3” deficit on each side of our closet wall…
    photo 2 (2)
To remedy this, I decided to add 3 1/4″ moulding around the sides, top and bottom of the closet, and above and below the built in shelf, which resulted in a total of sixteen mitered cuts.
I went with baseboard moulding, as it not only was the widest moulding I could find, but I really liked its finished tapered edge. And installing it felt both satisfying and rebellious ; )     
For the desk portion of the project, I used two white stacking crates from JoAnn Fabrics on each side to support the desk top surface… 
photo 4
And for the desk top, it’s just a single sheet of plywood, painted white. Seaside Sand by Behr, in case you’re interested.
      photo 3
I received a few inquiries as to why I didn’t turn the crates open sides facing out. A few reasons. First, I loved the unexpected streamlined look of the stats on the backs of the crates. Second, the large woven baskets on the upper shelf offer great extra storage, so we really didn’t need any additional storage space. 
Stuck in a design rut and not sure what to do? Please check out my design services.
I’d love to help you create your own dream space!

Till next time, click and keep up with us on our favorite sites…         

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9 Responses to Blogging on WordPress and Working it out

  1. I’ve seen this fabric and I love the way it was use here. Really nice backdrop and it looks so real.

    Just jumped over from this months cottage to read it was one of your favorite’s too! I have many favorite’s but this months is at the top!
    I love it! So peaceful and soulful. About once a year I take time to go from the first month to the last and relive the beauty. This is one i’ll return to time and time again. Beautiful! And thank you for sharing.

    Jake’s a Girl

  2. Moj Beli Cvet says:

    You Make things look so easy. So glad to see you made over to WordPress. Change is hard sometimes. Have a Great Weekend

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I have been catching up with you today,I see you moved to wordpress. I still have problems with blogger on google..LOL I have such a hard time with computers (they don’t like me) lol
    Anyway, your office nook turned out perfect such a great use of space. The wallpaper is so fun and looks so real!!!
    Gary and I have been under construction with our new/used home and I am just now able to catch up with blogging. So off I go to see your May cottage of the month.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  4. Nikki says:

    Oh my gosh I’m so impressed!! That actually looks like real wood!

  5. Dee says:

    I would have never guessed in was not real wood. I just checked my Ikea and they have it in stock!
    One question. Is it removable with the adhesive you used?
    Thanks for the inspiration!


  6. Cecilia says:

    Fabric!?! No way! I was going to guess old fence pickets. Amazing ! Love how your office space turned out. So easy too!

  7. Kathy Leitch says:

    Jennifer, your creativeness is always so fresh and imaginative. I love looking at the projects you and Adam have done in your home. Great job!


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