Something about necessity being the mother of invention

What a mighty little whirlwind these past few weeks have been. 

I’ve been sawing moulding with my miter box at unspeakably late hours of the evening, because there are not enough hours in the day. Not even for getting those stubborn last drops of paint off my fingers. It’s kind of like an accessory, like jewelry.

I’m happy to announce I finally overcame my fear of mitering and joining corners at a 45 degree angle. Cause that stuff can be nightmare scary. And I’m really good at it now ; )

Remember my office closet remodel project, the one a few people thought there was nothing wrong with it in it’s current state? I’m happy to declare it’s in its final design stages.

One of the more difficult tasks I had to tackle with this project was all my closet clutter. Paper clutter, electronic clutter, you name it. Pretty baskets from Home Goods were just the solution I needed to tame the junk and make it organized…


Prepare yourself, it’s about to get very scary real in here.

Because we are remodeling our office closet, the very place Adam works out of every day, he got kicked out of his workspace and needed a new work station pronto. So I left him to his own devises to design a temporary “floating work station” that he could get by with for a couple weeks.

And this was HIS solution…


You’ve got to give the guy credit for creative repurposing. This is a plastic fold up saw table, the kind you find at Home Depot. It’s in our bedroom. 


This thing has even got a additional make-shift shelf below. He found a way to put it to good use… 


Here’s to making it work, and working with what you have : )

Have a happy weekend friends!     

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14 Responses to Something about necessity being the mother of invention

  1. He made himself a nice little spot, didn’t he? Can’t wait to see your project done. I’m sure he can’t either!

  2. Anita says:

    That is honestly awesome! We are right there with you though. We are expanding our master walk-in closet so Luis will have that as his work space for recording/mixing/video editing, so we took out the garden tub in the master bath, added a closet and still need to add two more alcove closets, then get his space ready. Luis’ little space is worse than Adam’s. Much worse. We can’t wait to get it ready:-) Can’t wait to see yours!

  3. Patrice says:

    Love the techno grunge vibe, Dude!

  4. Nancy says:

    Very clever. I can see this being pinned to a Man Cave board. :)

  5. Jennifer,
    What a great solution for Adam. Too fun for his make shift office area. I cannot wait to see the closet office when you finish. It was cute before so I cannot wait to see what you did with it.
    Kris :)

  6. Now this is so super creative. I love it.

  7. Jennifer, you and Adam are hilarious! Good for your organized baskets! Blessings for a beautiful spring. :)


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