Awards and Makeovers

For the sake of normalcy, I wish I could say that we were glued to the Academy Awards on tv tonight. Instead my eyes are focused squarely on the walls of our office closet, getting a new makeover. 

closet painting

In the middle of the night, instead of sleeping like a normal person, the wheels in my brain started turning and churning as I got this wild idea to go in an entirely different direction with our office closet. 

Here’s the closet before, when we first bought the house. And how it looked after I completed it’s initial makeover…

office closet magazine

Ok, so it looked pretty good afterwards. But I’m not good at sitting still. And now that this is Adam’s full-time workstation, my creative juices started overflowing with ideas and I couldn’t sit still another minute. So we hit the road, straight to IKEA, where all your decorating dreams (on  a budget) come true.

My NEW vision for our tiny work closet is going to be:
Something a little more masculine and better suited for Adam, less cluttered (there was a highway of wires back there that drove me crazy), more leg space width-wise, and something more rustic yet stylish overall. 

Oh, and that neat old wire light (seen above) is coming down and I’m selling it. It’s $48, that’s what I paid for it at the Remnants of the Past show a couple years ago. The first person interested takes it. Just leave me a comment below and I’ll be in touch. 

So here’s how the closet looked after I cleared everything out, just a few hours ago…

closet during
And just for fun, and because I’m waiting for the first coat of paint to dry, here’s a 5 year timeline:
office closet magazine closet during closet painting
Happy Sunday! Hope you have a great week ahead! 

PS- What was your favorite part of the Academy Awards? I’m probably going to be painting the rest of the night, so I’ll have to catch highlights tomorrow on YouTube!

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7 Responses to Awards and Makeovers

  1. AntiqueChase says:

    sent you an email about the light

  2. Oh and I thought I was the only one who had a brain that runs at night! I do the same kind of thing and off I go….
    Love what you did in the first change….but I am sure it will be wonderful when finished….

  3. Oh Jennifer, you’re a hoot! Good luck with your makeover! I recall the time my hubby and I were painting kitchen cabs when our neighbors, like “normal” people, were having a 4th of July picnic. :)

  4. Jane Jazz says:

    Well I’m sure you had more self respect at the end of the evening than if you’d just slumped in front of the awards show! I did love your initial makeover… can’t wait to see what could be better than that :-) JJ

  5. Nancy says:

    We don’t have TV, Jennifer, so the Academy Awards weren’t on our agenda. I like your alternative anyway. I’d much rather get involved in a project than watch the tube. :) Congratulations, by the way. I picked up a copy of Cottage Style Spring/Summer 2014 magazine and saw your home featured. I’m so happy for you. Loved the article. Cheers! ~ Nancy @ A Joyful Cottage

  6. amyk5 says:

    Love your office and the new version for your husband. So creative!! I have the same type of chair and am thinking about painting it a shade of green and love yours. Do you recall the color/brand?


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