Scents and Sensibility

I’m writing this post in between trips to Home Depot, specifically the returns counter. Please tell me I’m not the only one who…

a) prefers mental checklists over pen and paper checklists (oh when will I ever learn?)

b) guesses on measurements and judges size by holding said product up in the air, levitating it up and down as if the answer is going to magically drop from the ceiling and into my arms

c) can never find an isle clerk when I need one. If I’m going in for a box of 40 watt light bulbs and I’m headed straight for the light bulb isle, I will be stopped by at least 5 different isle clerks asking me if I need assistance. And when I’m looking for a french cleat and I’ve no idea what a french cleat is, let alone where to start looking for one, suddenly the place is a ghost town and I’m the only person in the entire store. Is it Just me?

Ah, good times at Home Depot! 


Speaking of ghost town, were you one of the three hundred people who let us know on Wednesday May 1st it was, ahem, May 1st, and there was no new
Cottage of the Month on our website yet? Yep, we kinda take notice of things like that around here. Days before, we had an unexplained website issue and worked like mad dogs trying to get the bugs worked out. By the grace of technology and persistence, by 10:00pm PST (technically it was still May 1st) that baby went live.  

This is just a teaser pic collage, but you can see the entire feature on Kelly’s home

 photo k5_zps1d5dc258.jpg  photo k52_zpsf5348c75.jpg photo k11_zps4628e06c.jpg

The fun flip side of it, Kelly decided to feature our home on her blog! You can check it out here.

We received a package the other day from our friend April at Folky Art Studio. April is a full time candle maker, and frankly a mad genius when it comes to dreaming up unique combinations and custom blends for her heavily scented gourmet candles.

We were so torn between Homestead and Rustic Log Cabin, April sent us a huge jar of each…

Meet Homestead:

Described as “Warm cinnamon and vanilla combined with the delicious dried fruit notes of apple, plum, and orange will draw you home. Many of my long time customers favor this as their signature year round home fragrance, very cozy.”

And Rustic Log Cabin:

Described as “Spicy cinnamon and oak logs blend deliciously with bright citrus peel, and warm buttery vanilla. Mid layers of baked apple compote gives life to this multidimensional fragrance. So delicious and cozy, light it up and grab a book! It’s comfort time! This is not a sweet fragrance, think of it as a deluxe apple and oak type fragrance.”

Even her labels are so pretty and unique!


It would be really hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to choose, I think Homestead is pretty darn amazing. But then I have not yet sampled the other two dozen blends she also carries in her etsy shop.
Decisions, decisions!


On another totally different note, we are experiencing an issue with our “Subscribe” button. We appreciate that so many of you wish to receive blog updates, and please know we are currently trying to figure out how to resolve this issue. In the meantime, thanks for reading. We are so happy to have you here!


Before I head back to “Depot” as my friend Laurie likes to say, I wanted to say thank you to all for checking in on us during the Springs Fire last week. We have the most amazing team of men and women firefighters and they did such a heroic job of fighting this blaze. Incredibly, no lives or homes were lost.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week friends : )

Till next time, click and keep up with us on our favorite sites…

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16 Responses to Scents and Sensibility

  1. Marlene says:

    Hi Jennifer, I can totally relate to your Home Depot trips. Same thing happens to me. And it’s always when I’m working on a big project and really need help. I prefer lowes for small things. I noticed on a previous post you mentioned you planted some fruit trees. Can you please share some pics of that? I’m working on my garden and always looking for ideas. Thanks :)

    • Hi Marlene, I keep having to remind myself to try Lowes. Home Depot’s just so much closer…it’s kind of a convenience thing. We are making small strides in our garden, but I am excited to share the progress of our fruit trees and our garden hopefully soon.


  2. Qwendykay says:

    I totally buy things on the guess of “oh, that’s about the right size.” Including a fridge! Don’t ever do that! I blogged about my fridge debacle here. (Which coincidentally, the new fridge replaced my made over fridge that you inspired me to do!)

  3. Tami Kenner says:

    Hi Jennifer…yes, the Ghost Town effect at Home Depot is one I am familiar with!
    The candles look beautiful, had to go over to her etsy shop and mark as a favorite. Love the labels.
    Have a great day..xo Tami

  4. Mecky says:

    I am so glad that you were ok during the fire.

    Yes, I totally understand exactly what you mentioned about HD. I do think that is with most stores I have gone to recently, unless they are small shops and stores.

    The candles sound amazing. I will be checking her Etsy out!

  5. Mecky says:

    Me again.
    The COTM is wonderful! I love the woodwork and doors! What a sweet kitchen!

  6. I was late checking in to look at the Cottage of the Month. It is usually one of the first things I do every first day of each month. I probably would have been one of those who was worrying that you had forgotten or, worse still, weren’t going to have that feature any more. Kelly’s house is wonderful and so is yours.

  7. Patrice says:

    Where is the scratch and sniff button, please.

  8. OMG, you described HD to a tee.

  9. I had to laugh at your post because I think that is called Murphy’s Law of DIYer’s. I am just grateful that our store is only 5 minutes away as I am there so much they have asked me if I wanted a job. lol


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