Simply Thankful

I thought it might be nice to take a moment to give thanks for all the little blessings in my life that I am surrounded by.

I am thankful for…

This can of Ralph Lauren paint for making my interior doors look awesome. I may have been up painting till 1:45am last night, but it was totally worth it. I am happy to report my hallway no longer looks like a vampire goth Hollywood night club.


These tools. Yep, this is pretty much all you need to install Allure Flooring. (plus a pair of knee pads, and a 100lb steel roller, but we’ll save that for another post).


This morning’s bright rays of sunshine pouring in through our front window, inviting Skylar and Chloe to settle in for a warm early nap…


IKEA’s clearance section. This dark brown Hemnes 8-drawer dresser that I’ve been coveting for 2 years was marked down nearly 40% simply because it had a few tiny scratches, which were easily remedied with a little dark wood polish.


Flea markets that are awesome, even when shopping them in the pouring rain…


Seeing our home featured inside the pages of Cottage Style magazine, while strolling down 3rd Street in Santa Monica…

thankful4 thankfulthankful5

This photo of me and my parents. They were traveling in Israel for nearly two weeks, and I was a ball of nerves, anxiously awaiting their safe return. They drove straight from the airport to the Topanga Vintage Market, where I was selling in my booth, and decided to show up unannounced to surprise me. The moment I saw them I was filled with relief, and tears.


Chloe’s recovery. She has Advanced Kidney Failure, nothing will change that. But our daily efforts of proper medication and intravenous fluids has remarkably improved her health and we are enjoying seeing her spunky, outgoing personality emerge more and more every day. 

 abc 1123

Meeting my designer crush, Sibella Court. Based in Australia, I never in a million years thought I’d have a chance to meet her. And suddenly there I am, at her book signing in Santa Monica, and we’re talking styling, design, and photography. And I may or may not have hugged her twice.

thankful2thankful9 thankful3

Patrice and Lori, two incredible ladies with an amazing vision: The Topanga Vintage Market. I am so honored to be a regular vendor at their monthly show. The next show is this Sunday, and we’ve already started to prep our merchandise!

thankful7 thankful6

The day I married this amazing guy, 15 years ago. He puts up with my spontaneous decorating, supports my flea marketing habit-rising before the crack of dawn, makes me laugh all the time, totally gets me and puts up with my quirks, and makes me want to be an all around better person.

Our Wedding

I am thankful for all of my amazing Blog Sponsors. I have am blessed with a great group of folks that help support this blog. And each of your visits to their sites is so appreciated.

Lastly, I am thankful for YOU, the readers. Thank you for your comments and emails, and inspiring me! You guys are rock stars in my book!


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6 Responses to Simply Thankful

  1. Unknown says:

    I am thankful for meeting you. Looking forward to seeing your doors and floors! I hope to see you on Sunday. Victoria

  2. Your looking good Chickie! I was excited to see your home featured and the doors were an awesome idea.Always nice to have loved one’s home and safe~Cheers Kim

  3. Patrice says:

    We knew we were lucky the day we met you, Jennifer! Thank you!
    Patrice and Lori

  4. Cindy says:

    That was a great list of things to be thankful for! You included a little bit of everything that makes life fun and sweet… it made me smile


  5. Jilly says:

    Your blog is one of my absolute favorites, and I am SO thankful for you! You inspire me in more ways than one, and I think you are simply amazing!

  6. You are certainly loved out in blogland, Jennifer! We are so grateful for you and your beautifully inspiring blog!

    xoxo laurie


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