Doors and Floors: Update

Judging by your curious emails these past couple weeks, it turns I’m not the only one crushing hard on black interior doors lately. But man, have we had a heck of a time getting the color just right.

Remember when I found my off-the-shelf Pure Black by Behr, and thought I had this paint color thing in the bag…  



I was sadly mistaken.

By the time all the interior doors were done, this place looked like something out of a dark vampire goth Hollywood night club.

Then I decided to go my “Black Truffle” color-match route once more at Home Depot. Three unsuccessful color matches later, and I thought the paint counter guy and I were going to ring each others necks.

Things were looking pretty dismal in my blacker than black dark vampire hallway, until my girlfriend, Nicki, reminded me there are a few local places that still carry Ralph Lauren paint, so I called around and found a small place in Northridge that did in fact carry it…  



Can I get an amen, people?  



Come to mama…



On the Ralph Lauren website, the
paint store locator link doesn’t seem to be working, but I called their customer assistance line, and the gal on the other end was able to help me find a store nearby.

I’m happy to report I’ve got two brand new cans of Black Truffle paint sitting in my hallway just waiting to get cracked open. Maybe this weekend perhaps?

::: Flooring :::

In other DIY news, the floors are coming along beautifully and we’re halfway through our first room, the guest room/office.

It helps to have this strong guy at my side. Just look at all those heavy boxes! Turns out, we’ve decided we are going to rip out the carpet from all three carpeted bedrooms.  



We found this chart particularly helpful when it came to loading up our cart…  



So many choices!  



We decided to stay with the same color that is in our living room, kitchen, dining room and hallway…  


Tearing out the old yucky carpet turns out to be the best feeling in the world.

And who knew Chloe had such an interest in DIY projects?


Be sure to stay tuned for more on our doors n’ floors adventure.

::: New Blog Goodies :::

My web designer, Cathy, has been helping me implement some fun new things for the ol’ bloggy.

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Social Networking Icons: There are so many ways to stay connected these days. Thanks to Cathy, we now have all our social media buttons grouped together in one easy to find place, also located below the green apple. Get yours for free!


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17 Responses to Doors and Floors: Update

  1. Ahhh, I miss Ralph Lauren paint. I am just going to suck it up and order a bunch of samples on line to find what I want first.

  2. We’re in the middle of putting down wood floors so I feel your pain (or future pain if you’re doing it yourself).

    We’re too old to DIY it, but I’m in awe of those that do!

  3. SHERRY HART says:

    Yes…I would ring some bodies neck if I had already painted them all and the color wasn’t right :(. Good luck with the floors…..I am sure ripping up the carpet felt good!

  4. Yay for getting rid of old carpet. Looking forward to the day. Blue carpet from the late 80’s. boo hoo…

  5. Thanks for sharing my social networking icons, Jennifer! I really appreciate it. Can’t wait to see what the doors look like when you’re finished!

  6. Jennifer,
    We put down that Allure flooring and love it. You will see how it changes the room and warms it up. It is easy to keep clean especially with our four legged friends!!! It will be beautiful.

  7. Heidi says:

    Persistency pays off! Don’t work too hard- take a break with some black coffee!

  8. I painted my doors francesca black by martha stewart a year ago – they were flat, featureless and the honey oak colour, I could not be happier with them now. I don’t even care that I have to touch them up every so often, kids and dogs are harder on doors than I thought. Now I just have to find some great knobs that fit my 1965 doors… we are about to start work on our floors – I am scared to pull up all that carpeting!!! Oh and I saw your feature in cottage style – it looked great, most of the images I had seen before on your blog but there is just something about magazine pages… anyway the pics were inspiring!

  9. kathyr says:

    I’m glad you stuck to your guns and got the right black. It is the best accent color. I use it in almost all of my rooms, and ALL of my scrap quilts.

  10. Yay for black doors! I just did this in my fixer upper house & used a dark dark brown, Fired Earth by Valspar. Love the effect in my split level, much more interesting than white would be. Can’t wait to see what else you are up to, I’ve been knee keep in this renovation for 6 mos. & finally happy to be moved in.

  11. Rika says:

    Cant wait to see an after picture of your hallway with the black doors all complete. I’m want to use your finished photo to convince my hubby to go for it in our house!!

    • Rika says:

      Did you get your doors finished? I’m so anxious to see how they look! I’ve got 10 doors waiting for paint – please post when you can!

  12. Hi Jennifer,
    Just wondering how smooth your subfloors are prior to laying the flooring. After tearing up carpet we have been living on plywood, some painted, some not, and I am desperate for something affordable that won’t give me splinters, haha. Our plywood is not too smooth. Getting ready to paint some of the floors today but I would love a better answer for the near future. Thanks, Pam

    • Hi Pam,

      I do not recommend laying Allure over any type of flooring that isn’t smooth. The vinyl will eventually mimic the grooves and bumps of anything that it covers, especially in areas of high foot traffic.


  13. Rachel says:

    I am currently trying to convince my hubby to do black doors. He doesn’t think it will look good since they are flat. Do you “after” photo’s?

  14. Rachel says:

    I am currently trying to convince my hubby to do black doors. He doesn’t think it will look good since they are flat. Do you “after” photo’s?


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